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Online casinos: get ready to investigate

Online casino introduction

Online casino introduction on ArgentCasinoGames.co.nzWelcome to the wonderful world of online casino gaming! This guide goes over the basics of online casinos and the kind of content related to them. Information presented here should be mostly familiar to gamblers with some online experience, although a review never hurt anybody.

Online casinos offer an exciting and handy variation to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Their two most notable differences are accessibility almost everywhere and at almost any time. These features make them easy to use right where and when you want to. These casinos also gather a global audience which can mean larger and more diverse pools of players in games such as poker and others. Online casinos of these times are also very much mobile friendly and as such cater to an even wider group of potential players, enabling them to play at a more diverse range of times. Most games have special mobile versions to guarantee a top class user experience. These are usually delivered in a user friendly manner, without requiring the user to download a game – rather they are played right there in the device’s browser.

Welcome bonus

Traditional casinos are known to take care of their players in many ways. Who hasn’t felt a little envy for the high-rollers’ suites, after all? It is then only natural that online casinos should do this too. Welcome bonus on ArgentCasinoGames.co.nzSurely the most common way of rewarding online gamblers is the welcome bonus upon signing up. The standard format is that the house will award the new player with a certain amount of bonus cash in relation to the amount of their first deposit at the casino. This money then usually has to be circulated in the casino’s games for a set number of times before it can be withdrawn. Welcome bonuses are designed to attract new players to the casino and as such they can be very generous. One should always try to take full advantage of them and remember to read the small print.

There are also other types of welcome bonuses that are somewhat commonly in use at online casinos around the internet. One of them is the free spin bonus, which grants new players credits to play free rounds in slot games. This type of bonus is often seen offered together with a cash bonus. Another type of welcome bonus is the no deposit cash bonus. It is usually given right after creating a new account and as the name suggests does not require the player to make a deposit. However, similar circulation requirement rules usually apply as in the case of the regular cash bonuses that require deposit.

Reload bonus

Reload bonus on ArgentCasinoGames.co.nzOnline casinos also take care of their existing players and offer them bonuses as well. These offers vary more in type. Here we will talk further about reload bonuses, which are granted to players who make further deposits to their account after receiving the initial deposit bonuses. Reload bonuses by nature always require a deposit to be made in order to take advantage of the offer. They are often packaged into campaigns that are time limited, so it is crucial to follow any newsletters and other timely sources to not miss on any good offers. Reload bonuses take similar forms to welcome bonuses, i.e., they are often either deposit based or no-deposit cash bonuses, or free spins. On top of these, many casinos offer happy hours with discounted rates and special events with their own prizes and of course huge jackpots.

Free spins

Free spins or free rolls are a very common form of an online casino bonus. They offer you a great chance to make free winnings which, needless to say, is pretty sweet a deal! Free spins are most commonly associated with slot machines but this is hardly an unbroken rule. It is also possible to get free rounds to other types of games. Sometimes free spins are even awarded only to a special game that can only be played with free spin credits. Usually bet amount and sometimes also other game features are locked during a free spin round.

TournamentsTournaments on ArgentCasinoGames.co.nz

Online casinos also organize tournaments where players can compete against each other from time to time. For experienced players, these may form an important part of their income, but usually everyone is welcome to participate and have fun. Just remember that in tournament play you must know the game you are playing very well in order to not interrupt others by playing slowly or erratically. Also you need to be aware that you may end up facing some extremely good players. Tournaments often boast very big prize money pools for the top players. However, they tend to be accompanied by other bonuses and jackpots as well making them a great time for players of all level.

Games assortment

Games assortment on ArgentCasinoGames.co.nzIt will not come as a surprise to many that online casinos take the inspiration to their game assortment from their physical counterparts. This means in effect that most classic casino games are well represented in online casinos in their virtualized forms. The de facto fan favorite is of course the slot machine which has been an iconic gaming device on casino floors for decades and has now been brought to a second life by the internet. Slots or fruits, whatever you want to call them, have become more thrilling and interactive online than ever before. They come complete with progressive jackpots that rival those of the casinos of old.

Accompanying the slots are of course the backbone of the casino industry, the table games. The king of them being no doubt the poker in its many different forms. Other common card games are blackjack and baccarat. Usually included in the online casino selection is also roulette. The games of this category sometimes feature live versions that have real living dealers hosting the tables in an attempt to bring about the atmosphere of a real casino.

In addition to these main types of games, online casinos host also other sports. There is great diversity here, but one worth mentioning is betting, naturally often on sports events. Some online casinos also offer lotteries to their customers, and bingo has been gaining on popularity as of late. Casinos are always striving to keep up with the newest developments in the gambling world, and it can be very interesting to scout around for new games and be among the first players to try them out!

Free play

One of the greatest things to happen to beginner gamers is the internet. Why? You might ask. This is simply because of the emergence of demo versions of nearly all casino games. These demos allow you to practice the games for free and as much as you want. Not having your own money at risk makes learning considerably easier and or course cheaper as well. We always recommend that you get to know the games and the rules like this before putting your own penny at stake. It is also a fantastic way to rehearse new strategies and try out ideas for free.


In the end, an online casino is nothing but the software implementing it into its virtual existence. In practice the whole consists of many smaller programs. For example, each game is a piece of software ofSoftware on ArgentCasinoGames.co.nz their own, their mobile versions yet another programs, and so on. It is clear that quality of software is of paramount importance for online casinos.

It all starts with security. Online casinos handle a lot of peoples' private information, including personal details, gambling data and financial data, such as credit card or e-wallet credentials. Casinos need to employ sufficient and ubiquitous strategies to combat hackers, leaks and other risks to their customers’ data. This includes especially secured website connections and safe money transfer methods. Games also need to be operated in a secure manner. In their case there is also the question of fairness that must be answered. Every player wants to be assured that the games they are putting their money into are not rigged and work in a fair manner. Casinos usually employ third party services that audit their systems and award certificates upon passing.

User experience is another important aspect of software quality for online casinos. Like security, it also spans both the web portal and the actual games themselves. Modern websites that are easy to use make for a nice experience coupled with the appropriate visualization to create the authentic casino atmosphere. For games, we value high quality graphics and seamless operation. Many slot games offer also autoplay for added player convenience.

Deposits, withdrawals

Methods for money transfer differ from casino to casino. However, every online casino today has multiple reputable payment services available as options to their customers. Major credit cards are also commonly accepted for making deposits. For withdrawals, wire transfers or their equivalents are often available but tend to be expensive. We generally recommend using an e-wallet or payment service, some of which are detailed below.

  • Paypal is a very popular e-wallet and one of the oldest services of its kind. It is considered to be very safe and reliable method and is very commonly available.
  • Neteller is another service very similar to Paypal. It has been traditionally very popular in the gambling industry.
  • Paysafecard is a slightly different option to the previous two. It is a prepaid credit card which helps if you don’t want to give away your main credit card information or is afraid of fraud. However, it cannot be used for withdrawals.

Many other payment methods are also available and they are often also dependent on your home country. Our casino reviews give detailed information about the deposit and withdrawal methods available for each online casino.

Customer service

Customer service on ArgentCasinoGames.co.nzAn often overlooked feature of online casinos is the customer service. It differs somewhat from traditional casinos, where there would naturally always be someone at hand to help during opening hours. Online casinos in general tend to offer their customer service in three main ways: by live chat, by e-mail or by phone. Each of these ways has their fans and foes, but luckily the best casinos tend to have multiple options, often all three. 24/7 customer service is regarded as big advantage since the casinos themselves can be used at any time of day. However, some casinos limit their customer service opening hours to their target region’s active time of day. We suggest picking a casino with a good customer service to resolve any issues quickly. More details can be found in our casino reviews.

Advantages of online casino

Online casino gaming is very relaxing and enjoyable, but it can also be very profitable! Everyone should at least try their hand at the free games to get a taste of the modern age casino experience. It has certainly come a long road from the original brick-and-mortar casinos after which their online counterparts are modeled. The games are basically the same good old ones, but many have gained additional twists and perks along the way. Whether or not that is an advantage of the online casino is left to everyone’s own consideration. However, the changes have been good and there are some ways in which the online casino clearly outshines its fathers.Advantages of online casino on ArgentCasinoGames.co.nz

The online casino stands apart in that it is always open and accessible from anywhere where there is internet connectivity available. This makes every online casino a potentially global gaming venue which is definitely very exciting for player new and old alike. Advances in mobile technology have also made it possible to enjoy the same games with your smartphones and tablets as well as computers. As virtual reality technology emerges and gains a foothold at homes, online casinos are already moving into this market as well. We are definitely up for interesting times, when we can put on a helmet and be instantly transported into a casino that is not defined by reality but by imagination.