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Play online baccarat casino game with Baccarat Pro Series

Well-familiar to everybody, Baccarat Pro Series has long become an example of how well the clarity of rules can get on with thrilling unpredictability. It would be difficult to find something that suits as many tastes as Baccarat does. Argent Casino Games offers all true-hearted admirers a chance to charge the batteries of their mood with this aristocratic pastime named Baccarat.

Baccarat Pro Series

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Our vast gambling experience and years of collaboration with such monsters like Betfair or 888 Casino allows us to become your enthusiastic guide for baccarat. If you feel like mocking the risk of losing by playing table games for free then get ready to play online baccarat casino game: we’re here to show you the ropes of true gambling and prepare you for earning real cash.

Baccarat Pro Series: your strategies will work just as planned

As attentive and experienced gamblers can see, there are a number of splendid features in this game. The online version has a somewhat simplified gameplay, iPad-friendly intuitive interface and easy customizations. Even a total novice can learn quickly and begin testing their luck here soon enough.

The gaming table looks unbelievably realistic, even creates the impression that you are in a luxurious bricks-and-mortar casino. The hands are played hard and quickly. Moreover, pieces are distributed within seconds, so you’ll see the result of your effort without delay.

It will be valuable to know for those users who like to play online baccarat casino game that the game system has its own characteristic widow - in other words, a specific way in which the gambler draws cards.

  • In the beginning, the dealer gives each person at the table two cards – therefore, both the banker and player get two pieces. But in some cases, the third one can be given too;
  • Widow is not permissible when the points of both participants amount to 8-9 in total;
  • If a player has less than 5 points, he/she/it receives an additional card;
  • Banker is entitled to get a third card when he/she/it has less than 4 points on hand;
  • If all the banker’s cards cost 5, then he/she/it can get another one, depending on the points of the gamer.

What to expect from Baccarat Pro Series

As always, NetEnt proposes to its fans the whole universe of table games, mobile gambling apps, etc. Download it or play as it is on your iPhone, PC, Android-powered device or tablet. Feel free to gamble in a favorite café or fast-food restaurant – be in the forefront of modern high-quality gambling with baccarat!

To sum up, let us say the following:

  • Only standard payouts and nothing is done topsy-turvy in Baccarat Pro Series;
  • Play online baccarat casino game as you find it pleasurable: place a deposit or have fun without paying a cent.

At argentcasinogames.co.nz, we welcome all aficionados of outstanding card games to try their strength – and no one will leave our website feeling cheated out of his rightful share!

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