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Play free blackjack online with High Limit European Blackjack

High Limit European Blackjack is a beautiful rendering of the undying classic. We’ll explain to you the basics – necessary if you are about to take home a bag of crispy banknotes. This is exactly the game that will keep most devoted gamblers at the edge of their seats: unexpected turns, splendid moves, cunning strategies and thrilling winnings. The main aim of this aristocratic pastime is to reach the cherished 21.

High Limit European Blackjack

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Each time you are eager to play free blackjack online, we, at Argent Casino Games are all enthusiastic to guide you through the game’s rules. Of course, High Limit European Blackjack is a model specifically developed for the users loving high stakes, since not everyone has the opportunity to risk $ 20 per hand.

Game description and explanation of the rules

One of the most valuable benefit of High Limit European Blackjack is that this card game is given to the users gratis. The instant you feel like starting to play free blackjack online, you need to come to our virtual establishment and grab your copy of the game. Alternatively, you might like to use the no download version.

So, how to play free blackjack online if you’ve got European Blackjack with the highest rates on hand? The game masterfully uses two typical decks of 52 cards (jokers are absent). Keep in mind, though, that the pieces are constantly shuffled to elude the constant mistake.

Playing High Limit European Blackjack at ACG is allowed only in one box. Gambling sums vary from 20 bucks to $1000.

Let us discuss what is so unusually amusing about High Limit European Blackjack:

  • The dealer gets himself/herself/itself one card, which is put on the table with its back upwards.
  • The dealer stops (always stops!) at 17 points.
  • You may double exclusively ‘solid’ 9, as well as 10 and 11 points.
  • There are no doubles after splitting.
  • Splitting is allowable with lower cards only.
  • Splitting is allowable only once.
  • When your croupier has an ace, you may insure against blackjack.
  • Surrender is not available.

Payoffs and peculiarities of HL European Blackjack

Due to Microgaming’s great effort, this game can be accessed on almost any existing mobile platform. Check if you can enjoy high payments in High Limit European Blackjack on your iPad, iPhone or Android-powered tablet. A regular winning box pays at a rate of 1: 1, whereas blackjack guarantees you a ratio of 3: 2, and insurance gets you a rate of 2: 1.

Now, to sum up:

  • HL European Blackjack could be played at our casino both for free slot games for iphone 5 and at no cost at all;
  • The payments are classic and the game does not feature bonus levels;
  • There is no jackpot if HL European Blackjack, however, the game boasts very high stakes and wins;

Play free blackjack online at argentcasinogames.co.nz to become a gambling expert!

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