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Play free blackjack online with HiLo 13 European Blackjack Gold

Undoubtedly, HiLo 13 European Blackjack Gold is a precious opportunity you want to try when all the traditional approaches to the blackjack gameplay have been played out. Argent Casino Games presents you a simple and, simultaneously elegant card game, trying which could lead to an entirely fresh understanding of how the blessed 21 can be reached.

HiLo 13 European Blackjack Gold

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Surely, the first thing you want to have packed is the instructions of the game. Come and play free blackjack online and we’ll guide you through every nook and cranny of HiLo 13.

The bolts and nuts of HiLo blackjack

Take a break from the classic versions of blackjack since playing in this version of European Blackjack Gold allows you to place peculiar side bets. Such bets are made on the amount of points of the first two cards that the player will receive. The instant you feel like turning on your new iPhone, latest iPad, or Android-powered tablet, we can offer you the no download or mobile game versions, which are extremely convenient for those wanting to play free blackjack online.

Like in the traditional version, the game at ACG is played with two usual decks of 52 cards (no jokers around). The basic principles of the game are also taken from the standard version of blackjack:

  • The dealer takes the first card to himself/herself/itself, which then is laid on the table face upward;
  • Dealer stops on collecting any set of cards amounting to 17 points;
  • The game is played exclusively in one box;
  • Doubling is permissible only with ‘hard’ 9, 10 or 11 points;
  • Doubling cannot be performed right after splitting;
  • Splitting is permissible only with cards of one kind and only once per box;
  • When you see the dealer's open ace, you can call for insurance right away;

Amazing features of HiLo 13 Blackjack

Pay great attention to the following differences: in HiLo 13 European Blackjack Gold, the gamblers can place additional bonus bets (they are not obligatory). Microgaming proposes this game with bids of three types:

  • Lo - 13 points for the first two pieces (the payment at the rate of 1:1);
  • Hi - more than 13 points (always more!) for the first two pieces (the payment at the rate of 1:1);
  • 13 - exactly 13 points for the first two pieces (the payment at the rate of 10:1). It is essential to remember that ace always gives only 1 point when scoring at this rate.

At argentcasinogames.co.nz, you are welcome to make not just one but two or three of such side bets! It is of vital importance to keep this in mind when calculating points for those who love free slot machine games no download gambling. Play free blackjack online, catch your felicitous chance by the tail and enjoy the unusual features of the marvelous HiLo 13 European Blackjack Gold game.

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