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Play free blackjack online with Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold

Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is a marvelous reinterpretation of something well-familiar to all aficionados of gambling. When you say you want great prizes in exchange for your skillful approach to the game of blackjack, it’s us who know what you’re asking for. Read on to get familiar with the rules of this outstanding pastime, where 21 is the peak value of the gambler’s dreams.

Multi hand European Blackjack Gold

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Each time you are eager to play free blackjack online, we, at Argent Casino Games are all enthusiastic to guide you through the game’s rules. The peculiar sides of the game aren’t opaque at all, and even the player wet behind the ears can understand it without much effort.

Brief description and explanation of the game’s rules

Multi-hand European Blackjack is, basically, a somewhat refreshed version of the well-known classic card game in which the dealer takes, originally, one card at the beginning and places it back-down. The game has to be played with two typical decks (Jokers are absent). All the game cards are obligatorily shuffled before each hand.

Most probably, you have your eyes on the opportunity to play free blackjack online with its no download version. However, should you crave for solitude and a bit of practice with the mobile or offline versions, feel free to choose this shiny way to enjoy the game too.

Playing Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is allowed in one to five boxes. It is possible to play free blackjack online wagering from one to two hundred dollars on one hand (the free-of-charge version uses virtual credits granted to you by the gambling house of your choice).

Let us consider the basic aspects of the rules of Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold at ACG:

  • Dealer stops as soon as he/she/it collects 17 points.
  • Doubling can be made on the ‘hard’ 9, 10 and 11 points.
  • Splitting can be realized only with cards of the same denomination (two Queens, two Aces and so on).
  • Splitting is permitted only once per box. Making splits after doubling is forbidden.
  • You can take several cards to supplement split aces. Ten-and-Ace that land in box after splitting do not bring you blackjack (they are simply counted as 21 points).
  • If one box receives eleven cards without busting, it is considered as played automatically.
  • You can resort to insurance, as soon as the dealer has an ace opened.
  • Surrender is not amongst the available options.

Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold: Payoffs and Peculiarities

To not disappoint the old campaigners of the unfading classic, Microgaming has left all payments without surprising or annoying changes. Now, to get things collated:

  • A regular box pays at a normal rate of 1: 1 while blackjack and insurance bring you a rate of 3: 2 and 2: 1, respectively;
  • To play free blackjack online at argentcasinogames.co.nz is possible both for free real casino slot games and at no cost whatsoever.

Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is sure worth your betting attention when it comes to grabbing it from the iPad or iPhone store, as well as launching it on an Android-powered tablet.

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