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Nowadays, European Roulette is very popular in the lion’s share of modern online casinos. The main difference between this game and other roulette variations is that it has only one ‘zero’ cell instead of two ‘zero’ cells in American roulette. This aristocratic game was invented in France a few centuries ago as an alternative to other roulette games. Due to the removal of a single ‘zero’ cell, it can boast of higher payout coefficients than those that are approachable in its analogues.

European Roulette

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Of course, all experienced gamblers know that each time a ball falls into a ‘zero’ cell, they lose all their previously made bets. Therefore, the main advantage of this classy game is pretty obvious: less ‘zero’ cells – more chances to win. Of course, American roulette and its analogues are quite popular among gamblers and many online casinos, including Argent Casino Games, have this game in their collections. Nevertheless, the popularity of European roulette is still unequaled. Thus, those who wish to play free online roulette games with great payouts and download slot machine games trophies consider European Roulette a first unmistakable candidate.

How to play European roulette

Doubtlessly, those gamblers who have already tried playing other roulette games for fun or large benefits, know that all roulette games have a similar system of rules. The gambler’s task is to predict the concrete cell in which the ball is going to land. At the start of the game, players place their bets and trigger the ‘Spin’ button. After a series of rotations, the virtual wheel stops, the ball lands in the random cell and if fortune smiles to you, you receive a solid prize. Of course, with an eye to increasing one’s winning coefficient, it is recommendable to pay attention to practice. Luckily, on our website all casino visitors can play this game along with various mobile applications on the most favorable conditions. At argentcasinogames.co.nz you can play free online roulette games with no download required, choose the most efficient gambling strategy and even receive a few useful tips about the secrets of online gambling.

Furthermore, this game has considerably increased winning coefficients. For example, bets on odds and evens propose you 48.64% chances of winning. Thereby, even a minimum bet can bring you a great win in case of a correct guess.

This game is designed by NetEnt – one of the leading app development companies, which provides its clients the best online games. Therefore, it is a small wonder that those who often play free online roulette games choose products launched by this manufacturer.

European roulette – an inexhaustible source of prizes

Surely, this game occupies a special notable place among other online roulettes. Its increased payout coefficients along with a promising statistics of wins guarantee gamblers loads of costly prizes. Hence, if you are interested in such a profitable proposition then choose this crackerjack game at ACG where no deposit is necessary, activate the no limit mode and wait for new victories!

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