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Play free online roulette games with French Roulette Pro

The professional series of online games developed by Net Entertainment, has an interesting version of French Roulette. We’ll help you become acquainted with this French Roulette Pro and explain you all the strategy and the peculiarities of the gameplay for fun. This game makes a very good impression due to its spectacular and realistic graphics, lots of options, the user-friendly control panel and optional boards, expanding the gambler’s possibilities. In addition, you can put in practice your skill of placing unusual bets, which makes the game even more captivating.

French Roulette Pro

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And yet French Roulette is not a perfect game – many players choose to play free online roulette games with French Roulette Pro because of its small flaw making the game more spicy. Read on to find out, why this kind of Roulette is growing in popularity at argentcasinogames.co.nz.

French Roulette: general description, tips and rules

French Roulette Pro is, basically, a traditional roulette with expanded betting possibilities (no deposit is required at ACG). Net Entertainment offers two tables for playing French Roulette Pro with different ranges of bets. The first one - Standard Edition – allows you to bet with 1 to 5 euros per number and a maximum of 500 euros per spin. The second variation - High Roller Edition – permits the best gamblers to play with the minimum bet of 10 to 50 euros per number and up to 5,000 euros per spin.

More information regarding the general rules of Roulettes can be found at our site in the section with mobile Roulettes. Now, let us consider the features of this specific model:

  • This game allows all the classic internal and external rates. There are no bids on the sector, neighbors and so on in French Roulette Pro.
  • There are four group of such numbers. Bets are accepted in the rate of four chips of the same value, which are traditionally placed on the game field in clean sectors. This allows for even higher payouts.
  • The game permits the users to bet on the so-called ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ numbers – the former is those numbers which didn’t win recently and the latter are the most frequent numbers that won during the last five hundred spins.

Play free online roulette games: no limit with French Roulette

It is well known that usually there is the rule in French roulette, according to which a roll of zero gets the player half of his/her external bets. The feature of French Roulette Pro, which we discussed in the introduction, consists in the fact that there are no such payouts here.

So it is not surprising that the theoretical return of the app declared by NetEnt is 97.3% - that is the shift they needed to resort to in order to improve the odds. The advantage of the casino still 2.7%, as in European Roulette, therefore it’s an excellent choice for playing with real money. Play free online roulette games at Argent Casino Games with no download and become a gambling pro!

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