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Solitaire card games free: they’re still famous and popular

Since the beginning of time, argentcasinogames.com is your best game info source. On this page, we’ll tell you about Solitaire or ‘Free Cell’, which is a well-familiar patience game. Unlike all its colleagues, solitaire became popular only at the dawn of the 20th century due to its introduction by MS Windows, which was found very pleasurable by all the office workers on the planet. Today, when more fashionable slot machines have conquered the hearts of many players, Solitaire is still revered and loved by quite a few conservative gamblers at ACG. Furthermore, Solitaire slowly begins to push the more progressive trends out of their online territory. That is why virtual Solitaire machines are not yet considered to be past their prime and can be often met in the vast expanses of the Internet.

The rules of Solitaire

Simply speaking, Solitaire is the game that all of us know as Klondike. The first computer version of the game was invented in 1989 and soon became a standard package of Windows games named as ‘Solitaire’. The rules of the game, if we want to sort them out in detail, are quite complex. For solitaire, you need a deck of typical 52 cards, which are arranged into 7 stacks. This could be done as follows: the first stack contains one card, the second – two, the third - three and so on, until the seventh stack is completed. The cards in the stacks should be placed face downward, except for the upper cards, which are open. Pick Aces from the open cards, if there are any, add them to the boxes at the top of the screen. Then, you will be covering those aces with other cards in ascending order: Deuce, Three and so on up to King, and each suit must rest on the same suit.

For each card put in the box, you receive 1/13 of the initial rates (thus, after having collected Solitaire completely; that is, after having transferred all the cards to the boxes, you get your initial bet multiplied by four). If one of the stacks runs out of cards, you can use this vacant space to transfer a King there. Also, you can use any open card in the stacks, to place on it other cards in descending order, alternating the color: red, black, red, black, and so on (for example, you can put a red Ten on a Black Jack, then a black Nine, red Eight, etc. ). Each time you transfer the card (placing it on another or into the box), the card beneath it opens and becomes available for actions. When all possible actions with open cards are made, the gamer needs to proceed with the remaining deck. The deck opens three cards at a time, but only the upper one can be used – you can dispose of it according to the placement rules. If you move the upper card, you can similarly use the second, etc.

It is worth noting that the flipping of the deck can be made no more than three times. If a player has committed a wrong action and notices it, he or she can undo the last action (Undo). Solitaire is considered to be collected when all the cards are moved on the top of the Aces in the boxes. It is also possible that the player cannot collect solitaire to the end, in this case, he or she has to finish the game (End Game).

Solitaire card games free: the types of Solitaire

There exist three main types of Solitaire, namely:

  • Klondike has been a close acquaintance to us since the early versions of Windows. The game in its modern appearance, however, is rather strongly diversified due to a huge selection of tables and card backs. Traditionally, Klondike has a distinctive feature that allows the user to cancel the previous move. Also, in its free editions, the game can be rewound to the very beginning. The game has two modes of draw - one or three cards at a time.
  • Pyramid is also a well-known solitaire game. The aim of this game is simple – the gambler needs to remove all cards on the pyramid. This is done by pairing the cards, and this operation gives 13 points regardless of the cards’ suits. Click to remove any pair of cards on the pyramid or, alternatively, on the discard pile. When you have run out of moves, click on the stock pile and receive a new piece. Think through your steps wisely, deal with all the cards and become a winner.
  • Spider is a classic variation, in which patience is played without taking into account suits. Thus, Spades can be covered with Clubs or Diamonds or Hearts. This is probably the most elementary version of Solitaire. A distinctive feature of this game is the absence of any specific cells in which the gamer must put an orderly gathered stack of cards. Just collect all the cards from King to Ace (Ace is placed on Deuce), without taking into account suits, and the whole assembled stack will disappear.
  • Scorpion requires you to arrange all the cards in four piles by suit in order from King to Ace. Cards can be placed onto another of higher rank of the same suit. You can move any card group irrespective of their sequence. Empty cells can be filled only with Kings or a group of cards starting with a King. Clicking on the deck will show you the last 3 cards. Each card in a correctly gathered stack is calculated as 5 points.

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