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Play video poker games online on your terms

Nowadays, various slot machines and casino games form the most notable segment of the online gambling market. Among these games, the key position is occupied by different poker games, which never lose their great popularity. Therefore, those players who wish to play video poker games online definitely need a source of reliable information about these and many other online games. Surely, there is no need to panic when being faced with a gigantic variety of poker games because Argent Casino Games is here to help you. On our website, you can find essential information about all poker games, which have ever been created, including multi hand variations and simpler exemplars.

How to play video poker games

Of course, the rules of modern poker games are similar to those that are used in classic poker, which means that gamblers can use the same old gambling strategy. The game starts with obtaining five randomly chosen cards. Next, the player makes bets, trying to evaluate his or her chances to beat the dealer. During each round, the gambler can replace a few cards from the initial set with the random cards, attempting to create the best winning combination. Finally, both the gambler and the virtual dealer make final bets and demonstrate their cards to each other. The one whose combination is more valuable wins the round and receive all money on the table.

The features of video poker games take origin from the old-fashioned variants of poker. For example, hands, combinations of cards and specific rules were invented more than two centuries ago. Surely, since that date poker have experienced many changes until it was renewed in the form of a slot machine or a mobile app.

Various types of modern video poker games

The differences between various types of video poker games are not so significant as it may seem. Moreover, these games are quite similar in the main principles according to which players form winning combinations and receive their honestly won prizes. At argentcasinogames.com, you can find virtually all samples of these games and try their features free. Therefore, if you know the general rules according to which gamblers play video poker games online you can adjust to the certain peculiarities of each concrete game with ease. However, one should not ignore the specific features of video poker games because it is the knowledge about exactly these features that rewards players with the highest payouts. Let us examine the most popular video poker games and compare their most notable features in order to understand how they can benefit the accurate and attentive players.

  • Jacks or Better is a perfectly designed five-hand modification of poker, which can be considered a golden standard of video poker games. A standard set of slightly simplified rules along with higher payouts make it ideal for those who like playing poker games for fun, not forgetting about various benefits.
  • Joker’s Wild is another extremely popular sample of poker games, which is quite similar with Jacks or Better. The main difference lies in the fact that this game includes special wild cards that can replace all other cards from the deck. Obviously, in this game the wild card is a Joker card.
  • Tens or Better – a first-rate variation of poker, which is distinguished from others because of its extremely high payout coefficients.
  • Double Bonus and Bonus Poker – a pair of very similar video poker games with higher payouts for certain rates, such as Four of a Kind.
  • Bally’s All American can boast of a few supplementary winning combos and extra hands.
  • Deuces Wild – a great gift for those who play video poker games online in order to obtain great wins because it features two wild cards.

Obviously, all video poker games that are available on our website are created by the best software providers, such as Betsoft, Microgaming, RTG, Ballys, Cryptologic, Betfair or IGT. In addition to informative and advanced gambling tips, we provide you only the best video poker games. Mediocre online slots are not allowed here thus you can be 100% sure that all our products are of the highest quality.

Enjoy diverse video poker games for free

Of course, on our website you can play virtually all existing video poker games, selecting only those products that are in all means distinguished and rightfully considered the best of the best. Furthermore, no obligatory registration as well as no download can become a problem. You are free to enjoy all our games on your own terms, practice without any limits and receive additional bonus propositions. Obviously, you can play right at ACG or use our specially designed system of links to the best gambling houses that are associated with our company. Play and win being guided by our advice!