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Baking Day

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Based upon your tolerance for toiling in the kitchen, Baking Day either sounds like hell on earth or a treat to be savoured. Technically it is irrelevant if you've never clapped eyes on a rock cake recipe as this is a game and not real life. Nonetheless, if you have a penchant for home baking, then it stands to reason you are more inclined to be enamoured with this particular 3-reel slot out of Magnet Gaming.


The activity occurs inside the kitchen clearly, where a succession of ingredients fall into perspective to form the symbols onto the match's 3 reels. All that's missing is a buxom Nigella Lawson to supply a focus.

Visually, Baking Day is reminiscent of the type of free apps you may get for preschool kids that teach them to blend ingredients and create their own cupcakes. Obviously this game is designed for an adult audience however. Nonetheless, if you've ever sampled one of those iOS or Android kids' games, you will know just what type of visuals to anticipate.

This approach works perfectly for the aims of the slot, giving the ingredients room to breathe without blocking out the kitchen in the background. Across the surface of the screen there are two jackpots displayed: a normal pot and a super jackpot. Both are progressive jackpots, so their value will vary but in the event of the super pot, expect to find a five-figure sum beckoning to you -- that's correct, 10,000.

The game controls, overlaid against the kitchen drawers at the base of the screen, display credits to the far left and the value of each credit on the right. Click on the gear wheel icon and a control will open featuring arrows that let you pick the level. Transforming the level simply alters the bet per spin. Other controls comprise an automobile spin button, a bet max button and a home button. Clicking on this latter button will let you deposit credits into your account and to see the playing guide.


As a 3-reel slot, the goal of the game is of course to match 3 identical symbols on an active payline. Lines run horizontally, diagonally and vertically and each one the paylines stay active, whatever the quantity you've staked per spin.

Those are the fundamental symbols, but the distinctive symbols are where the fun begins in earnest. Baking Day has no less than 4 bonus games: Game Flash, The Recipe, Cupcake Tower and Cake Decorator. In actuality, there are all types of approaches to win while playing this culinary slot. Whenever you win a prize in regular play, you will be awarded 1 free spin, accompanied by a multiplier. Additionally, there are wild symbols, any one of which can substitute for a normal playing symbol.

Bonus Action

Of the numerous bonus games, the best one -- or at least the most lucrative one -- is The Recipe. Land 3 recipe symbols on a payline or through the Game Flash bonus feature. At this phase, you will be awarded 25 free spins. If you land The Recipe again in this phase, you're going to be awarded another 25 free spins.

There are unique recipes that feature in the game. Of these, recipe 3 is the most lucrative, as it's possible to activate Jackpot Flash here, followed by Super Jackpot Flash.


Baking Day is an enjoyable and feature-rich slot that's a pleasure to play. For a game with just 3 reels, there's a lot going on here including two progressive jackpots.

With an average payout of 96.5% and a number of tactics to win, there's every incentive to take up residence in the kitchen and cook up a storm. Match the symbols, follow the recipe and see what you could create.

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