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Dragons Treasure 2

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Dragon's Treasure 2 is an advanced slot game brought to you by Merkur Gambling and comprising 10 paylines over 3 slots. You're transported to the Middle Ages, in a world of knights and dragons. Be mythical as a knight or the dragon can burn you down to a crisp.

Here, you may come face to face with heroic knights and dragons that are dangerous. An epic conflict that only real heroes will dare confront, but can you be one of them?

Read our entire review of Dragon's Treasure 2 to discover more about the bets of this game and how to win large on the reels...

Things Could Find a Little Heated

Dragon's Treasure 2 allows you bet involving 0.05 euros and 10 euros each wager, which your bankroll will probably be grateful for. Being a revolutionary game, the quantity that the jackpot can get is obviously increasing. Which means that if you're able to defeat the evil dragon, a bounty of untold riches might easily become yours.

Playing Dragon's Treasure 2 could not be simpler. Like with most slot games, the one thing you need to do is simply pick the size of your wager and then press the Spin button, cross your fingers and hope that the next spin will bring a big win. There's a vast selection of symbols that you may collect on the board to trigger a win, a number of them even unlocking several Bonus features that we'll describe later in greater detail.

A easy gameplay is critical so as to draw new players. On the other hand, the success of a game relies also on achieving an excellent balance between story, graphics and gameplay.

Playing Dragon's Treasure 2 is a really interesting and nostalgic experience. This is certainly is a slot game full of fantasy.

The gameplay isn't elaborate but it does keep players interested with all those symbols on. As you would have guessed by now the theme of this game is based around dragons, and who doesn't love a train a dragon? The graphics may be somewhat disappointing for some players, but a little touch of retro charm could just be part of the assets of Dragon's Treasure 2 in the end.

The paytable of Dragon's Treasure 2 is composed of two unique groups of symbols, with various cash rewards attached to every one of them. So as to produce the best of the game, players should familiarise themselves with the reel symbols right away; the quest for the dragon's treasure is only going to be more rewarding afterwards.

The first group comprises classic card symbols, starting from number 10 and going up until the Ace. The rewards are somewhat low here, but on the other hand you will observe these symbols appear very often on the reels throughout your game. They're also the high-paying reel symbols of the game, each of them able to bring you big wins. All you will need to do is line them up on paylines and wait until your pockets are full of gold.

As a Wild card, he can replace any simple symbol and permit you to score new winning combinations you weren't expecting. Three or more Dragons anywhere on screen also trigger a Scatter feature, meaning that you get both a cash rewards and 10 Free Spins with an excess Bonus symbol including to maximise your chances of scoring more combinations.

A slot game of any type is open to criticism and if we could observe some flaws in Dragon's Treasure 2, but it's still a potentially intriguing game. With a really exciting theme, particularly in case you just happen to love dragons, and a easy gameplay, it would be a shame to never give it a go.

All and all, Dragon's Treasure 2 could easily become one of your favourite slot games if you presently have a passion for fantasy novels and films. Otherwise, you may want to try a different kind of game.

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